Hourglass Shape

Bust and hips fairly similar in size, and a waist considerably smaller. This body shape will find buying clothes off the rack easier than the other shapes. Celebrate and focus on balance. Your torso is already balanced, so ensure you keep the balance in your clothing styles.

What TO wear?  


  • Combination of Dark colors
  • Combination of Light colors
  • But, not both together at the same time. Light colors make things appear bigger, while dark colors make things appear smaller.


  • Emphasise the waist
  • Mid rise jeans with a dark wash
  • Pencil and high waisted skirts
  • It is very easy to throw off the balance of an hourglass figure so be careful!




What NOT TO Wear?


  • Boxy jackets
  • High necklines
  • Loose fitting tops 
  • Shapeless dresses


  • Low-rise pants
  • Anything with extra detailing
  • Large prints that would throw off your visual balance.





Some styles to think of...

Celebrities to look out for....