Inverted Triangle Shape

Inverted Triangle Body Shape you are quite angular. You usually find that you look silly in dresses so you end up wearing sporty gear that suits your athletic or boyish frame. You find it difficult to look feminine. Your secret is to play up to your angles and and add curve to your lower body. You tend to put on weight around the chest area first. When you shop, focus on your bottom half to give you balance and proportion.


What TO Wear.


  • Wrap tops
  • Tailored Blouses
  • V'd neck sweaters. 
  • Fitted clothes to give the illusion of curves, and a slimmer silhouette. 


  • Skirts and dresses that flare away from the body
  • Pants flared or bootcut leg.
  • Darker colors make things appear smaller
  • Lighter colors make things appear larger.
  • If you combine dark tops with lighter bottom pieces it will help you minimize your broad shoulders and make your hips appear more in proportion.








What NOT TO Wear.


  • Stay away from shoulder pads
  • Puffed sleeves
  • Jackets with shoulder detailing (such as epaulets or ruffles)
  • High crew / boat necklines.


  • Avoid any pants or skirts with a narrow cut.
  • Avoid Pencil skirts, straight-leg jeans, or shift dresses









Some styles to think of...

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