Rectangle Shape

You have the "sporty" figure shape where there is little to no waist definition. Weight gain goes relatively un-noticed. You find it difficult to look feminine. If you wear  jeans and a hoody they make you look like a bloke. You have that straight up and down look so you will need to use some tricks to conjure up curves out of nowhere.
 Dressing to accentuate your shoulders will slim your torso and hips. Femininity will be your balancer.

What TO Wear


  • Wrap Tops
  • Wrap Dresses
  • Tops with puffed shoulders
  • Jackets with detailing


  • Skirts that flare away from the body
  • Dresses that fit closest at the empire waist before flaring out.
  • Tops with deeply V'd necklines
  • Colour in a cami underneath.
  • "Skinny" cut jeans or pants that tapper towards the ankles. 
  • Buy a belt, or two and wear them over everything 

What NOT TO Wear


  • Boxy cut Jackets
  • Tops without contouringor anything
  • Tops that hang past you waistline.
  • Loose fitted tops


  • Flared Jeans
  • Narrow skirts
  • Vertical Stripes
  • Anything that adds bulk to your mid section.




Some styles to think of...

Celebrities to look out for...