Triangle Shape

  You have a common western society body shape. Your hips are wider than your bust, and you generally have narrow shoulders in comparison to the rest of your body. You gain weight on the hips and thighs first. Focus on your top half and your bottom half will magically disappear.

What TO Wear


  • Detailing at the shoulders and an open neckline
  • Puffed shoulders
  • Ruffled detailing, or military styled jackets with epaulets.
  • Jackets that hit either above or below the widest part of hips; never directly on
  •  Also consider the size of the lapels; are they in proportion to the rest of your frame?


  • Pants with a mid rise
  • Straight or bootcut leg. 
  • Skirts and dressed make sure they fit closest just above the widest point of your hips and flare out
  • Also try wearing bolder accessories up high; a well placed necklace at the collarbone, or chandelier earrings








What NOT TO Wear


  • Spaghetti straps that can make you slender shoulders look week
  • Hgh necklinesr Raglan sleeves
  • Drop waist styles
  • Peasant tops, or any other tops that hit across your low-hip because they draw attention to your widest point.


  • Pieces that maximize your hips
  • Pleated skirts
  • Poofy skirts
  • Close fitting tulip flared skirts Wide leg jeans / trousers
  • Low rise pants Pants with small pockets in the rear, extra detailing (such as embroidery, cargo pockets, pleating or patterns)
  • Shiny or light-weight material that clings to close to the body



Some styles to think of...

Celebrities to  look out for...